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Belt it out at Balcombe –

Call for singers and choirs against fracking – Sunday 22nd September

Posted on behalf of from NVPN members.

There is something really big happening in the south-east of England (as well as all over the country and the world) that singers from all over the UK have become involved in. The proposed Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) would have a serious effect on our water table, and there are a lot of things being done to try and prevent this catastrophic pollution of the clean water of our country. I have been asked to lead hundreds, if not thousands, of people in song together in the small village of Balcombe, where test drills are taking place. This is promising to be a massive event with huge press coverage and we need the help of NVPN members and singers across the nation to come and raise our voices in harmony together as a powerful peaceful demonstration. Here is a video of the last Belt It Out At Balcombe – there were only 500 people there but there is huge energy being put in to collecting many hundreds more choir members and singers to join us.

The next Belt It Out At Balcombe is on Sunday 22nd September, and we are asking all choir leaders and practitioners to bring as many of their choirs and groups as they can to sing. This is such an important thing to do – if this land’s natural spring water is polluted with the thousands of chemicals they plan to pump into the ground (just to extract small amounts of shale for oil) we will all rely on processed water sold to us by water companies for survival.

So, choir leaders, if you could forward this info to your groups and make an announcement at your next session we could really gather such a fantastic mass of incredible voices. The last one was an exquisite day and very amazing to be part of.

The protest site is a five minute walk from Balcombe train station. The official event starts at 2pm, and lasts until 4pm, but there’s unofficial singing and celebration of life happening from midday. My Glastonbury Festival Choir will be there all dressed in red – it would be great if all your choirs wanted to dress in red as well, and I may just use you as ‘strong singer beacons’ in the crowd!

Thank you all so much for your support and helping to protect this beautiful Earth.”

Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network.