Peace Songs for Choirs from MAW for 2014

As the centenary of the start of WW1 approaches, Sue Gilmurray is producing a free resource of peace songs (7 her own, and 7 by others) for choirs for 2014.  Links to lyrics, scores and audio extracts are on the Movement for the Abolition of War homepage.

Sue says “I am a singer and songwriter.  Though between choirs right now, I sometimes sing with Raised Voices in London.  I am currently contacting as many community choirs as possible to tell you about a project, under the auspices of MAW, to provide a free resource of 14 songs for choirs for 2014

“As people mark  the centenary of WWI, we’d like to provide choirs with a variety of songs, some strongly anti-war, some simply pro-peace, that can help to nudge the events in a peaceful direction.

“I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, and especially if you feel you can make use of this resource [use the MAW contact form]. Please pass the word around!”

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