Here you will find links to:

  • organisations that may have details of events that campaigning choirs could support
  • organisations that work in ways which are in line with the Network’s ethos and which may have useful resources
  • organisations supporting choral singing and song-making

Please use our contact form to suggest any further links that you think would be appropriate to list here.

See our Member Choirs page for details of all the choirs in the Campaign Choirs Network.


BP or not BP

Extinction Rebellion

Friends of the Earth


UK Student Climate Network

Music, songwriting and singing

Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network

Workers’ Music Association


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

The Movement for the Abolition of War

Peace Pledge Union

Stop The Arms Fair

Stop the War Coalition

Social and political

Eroles Project

Journey to Justice

People’s Assembly

Reclaim the Power

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Sisters Not Strangers

TUC and Trade Unions

Trades Union Congress

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