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This website is for choirs to share songs and information, and to help co-ordinate activities, so joining the Network will allow your choir to become part of a greater enterprise and provide it with support and comradeship. This page details how to do this but also covers alternatives if you don’t wish to make this commitment.

Joining the Network

If your choir has decided to join the Network, please scroll down to the Membership Form below, complete the required details and submit.

As a member of the Network, your choir may wish to make a voluntary donation of £20 pa to cover the Network’s administrative costs, largely printing, banners and the website, but also to build up its resources to organise larger events in the future. This amount is not set in stone, however, and choirs are free to donate less or more according to their individual circumstances.

You can pay by BACS or set up a standing order to:
Bolton Clarion Community Choir
Sort code: 08-92-99
Acc : 65468315
Reference (CCN plus your choir’s name)

Email updates

If you would just like regular updates by email about Campaign Choirs events and new songs, please send a blank email to

General contact

For anything else, please use the general contact form.

Membership form

What we will do with your information:

  • Items beginning with a $ will be used for admin, but won’t go on the Campaign Choirs Network website.
  • Where appropriate, the other details will be added to the Member Choirs page.
  • We’ll add you to the Campaign Choirs email list.  Normally just one contact from each choir will be given ‘writer’ access.

We reserve the right not to do these things, or to ask for other details or changes.  Although we will do our best to avoid errors please check your entry!  Please be brief, and to minimise the need for updates, please avoid adding info that’s likely to change.

    Name of your choir (required)

    $ Name of your CCN contact (required)

    $ Choir CCN contact email (required) This is where we'll send confirmation emails

    Your choir's website (if you have one)

    Where your choir is based (if not obvious)

    Brief description of choir (required)

    Name of your musical director (MD)

    • Listing on this Campaign Choirs Network website
      Please list this choir;Don't list us on the website.
    • Include MD's name on CCN website;Don't name MD on website.
    • Find a suitable small picture on our choir website;No picture for our entry.
    • Add to Campaign Choirs email list
      No thanks;Receive updates only;Send and receive.

    We will email you when your details have been added, or if we have any queries. Please allow a few days.

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