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Let us know about your upcoming event, your ideas for choir participation in an event or any further details about planned events below so that we can provide publicity to other Network members.

All the information about how to participate can be found here.

CCN Online Singing Session (Friday 10th September 6.30 – 8.30 pm)

This open session will be led by Tadhamon Singers, Janet Wood and Penny Stone centred on current events in Palestine.

Leni Solinger writes: ‘We are asking choirs if they want to share/teach a song about present campaigns  around Palestine. There are lots of songs we have been singing for years but we would like some newer ones. We thought there would be time for about four songs’.

If you want to be one of the choirs contributing please email Leni at lenisolinger43@gmail.com.

The songsheet for this event is below:

Liverpool Against the Arms Fair (Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September)

Dee Coombes writes: ‘I’m wearing my ‘Liverpool Against the Arms Fair’ hat. We are resisting the Arms Fair which is booked into the ACC (M&S Arena) , which is a conference centre wholly owned by Liverpool City Council. It is due to take place mid October but LATAF and CAAT are co-ordinating a weekend of resistance 11/12 September. This allows protestors to minimise the distance they need to travel, in the light of the pandemic since there will be a choice between us and the CAAT event on consecutive days). We would love choirs to attend. There will be an event page on Facebook in the next few days and we’d be really grateful if other choirs from the north to join us.’

Singing For Our Lives: International Climate Ceilidh (Friday 24th September)

This online event from 7 – 9 pm is being hosted by Protest In Harmony. They will share songs and solidarity and welcome voices from Chile and beyond.

They will be premiering the ‘Somos Todes’ video, a solidarity song written by an international group via Zoom, and the video made in collaboration between activists in Scotland and Chile. This song and video uplifts the voices of the community of Putaendo, who are resisting a Canadian mine.

Have a sing along with part of the song here to whet your whistle:

Jane Lewis will be teaching a new song inspired by Arundhati Roy’s quote “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” You can listen to this here.

The event is free to join, but please sign up via this link:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Friday 29th – Saturday 30th July 2022: STREET CHOIRS FESTIVAL 2022

Rebecca Denniff writes: ‘After talking to lots of you, Northern Chorus have teamed up with Whitby Community Choir singers, and have provisionally booked Whitby Spa Pavilion for 2022 – we know that the festival has happened here a couple of times and Jill at the Spa has agreed to take the booking – where no-one else would. There are lots of spaces where we could split up the singers if necessary. We would welcome additional support/input and in this new world of Zoom, we think that a steering group that includes lots of choir reps would be great.  We would definitely want to have meetings with choir reps online in the run up to the festival – which will be wonderful and bring us all closer together. We would welcome a strong theme/message for this festival – we need to use our voices now more than ever. Send us your suggestions! Those dates would be 29/30 July 2022 – and if this is agreeable to everyone, we would strongly suggest that you book accommodation as soon as possible.’

At some point, possibly

International ‘short song share’ with choirs from USA and Canada, connecting with the People’s Music Network.

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