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The Campaign Choirs Network is a loose affiliation of like-minded choirs across the UK sharing a belief in a better world for all and dedicated to taking action by singing about it!

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This  is the site for campaigning choirs to come to share events, music and ideas – please join us!

Latest News

Elbit protest in Oldham (13th July)

Tadhamon choir will be joining one of the weekly protests at the Israeli Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham on Tuesday 13th July from 2.30 pm to sing songs of solidarity with the ongoing protests there, calling for the factory to be closed down and an end to military links between the UK and Israel. More details on the Upcoming Events page.

Street Choirs Festival 2021 – and beyond (10th July)

Various CCN member choirs are gathering, either physically or virtually, to sing to celebrate the weekend when the Street Choirs Festival 2021 would have been happening, were it not for the wretched virus! The idea is for choirs to gather in some way at 12.30 pm on Saturday 10th July and to sing the following selection of well-known songs: Siyahamba, E Malama, Sing John Ball, Freedom Is Coming, Nana Was a Suffragette, and Let the River Run, and then livestream the performance to their own sites or share them at:

Rebecca Denniff adds:If you can’t do this on Saturday – that’s ok!  We will keep adding performances of the songs to the pages over the coming weeks – let’s see how many we can gather! 

Even if you only sing one of the songs and record it that would be wonderful!  If you have a historic video of you singing the songs – let’s have that too! Send these to or

If you want to send us a recording to put online for you, please use
Advice around live-streaming can be found at:

Please use any and all of the following hashtags – and your own of course!
#singingtogetherapart #streetchoirs2021 #singthechanges# howcanwekeepfromsinging

Help raise funds for the Samaritans

Manchester Community Choir are singing to raise money for the Samaritans with this video of ‘We need each other now‘ written by John Kettle from Merry Hell and arranged for the choir by Alison Crutchley. Two of the choir’s members are Samaritan volunteers and they hope to share this video and fundraising page far and wide. 

San Ghanny ‘love letter to Gaza‘ (11th June)

San Ghanny have put together the video below as a ‘sort of love letter to Gaza‘ following their online ceilidh on Friday 11th June to raise money for the schoolchildren of Al-Masara to provide them with internet access.

Welcome Home – ‘We are all part of the human family’

Penny Stone has put together this video accompanying a song written by members of Maryhill Integration Network’s Joyous Choir, many of whom are currently seeking asylum. Penny writes: ‘The song celebrates the inspiring community solidarity action that happened on Kenmure Street in Glasgow on May 13th 2021. Hundreds of people gathered to prevent the Home Office from carrying out a dawn raid to take away people from their homes. The UK Government is currently enacting a hostile, inhumane and immoral immigration system that we must all oppose. People seeking asylum deserve a safe home, just like the rest of us. We sing this in solidarity with all of our friends and neighbours, near and far. We are all part of the human family.’

Online Singing Session for Palestine

Tadhamon Singers from South Yorkshire are collaborating with Penny Stone on an onlne singing session for Palestine in September. More details on Upcoming Events page.

Nakba Day (15th May)

It was Nakba Day on 15th May, when Palestinians commemorate their displacement from their homeland in 1948 when the state of Israel was founded. There are also distressing events currently happening in Israel commanding our attention. Penny Stone from Protest in Harmony has recorded the Arabic version of Bella Ciao below in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Penny has also written an article for Peace News which closes with the line: ‘It is clear that we must continue to sing along with and shout out in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. #SaveSheikhJarrah’.

Côr Cochion’s second final (maybe!) lockdown song (29th April)

The prolific Lewis family from Côr Cochion has recorded another lockdown song, When Covid’s Over. It contains many sentiments with which we would all agree and was written in the hope of a ‘better world post pandemic’. Three cheers to that – enjoy!

Latest CCN open online singing session

This took place on Thursday 29th April co-hosted by Raised Voices and Sheffield Socialist Choir with the theme of ‘Anti-Racism’. Many thanks to both choirs for their generosity. Some materials from the evening have been made available which you can find on the Past Events page.

Will There Also Be Singing? article in Peace News (29th March)

Kelvin Mason and Lotte Reimer (Côr Gobaith) joined forces with Penny Stone (Protest in Harmony) to write an inspiring article for Peace News – the UK’s only grassroots newspaper covering the full spectrum of peace and justice issues – about the effects of the pandemic on choirs and the various creative responses within the CCN to the current constraints on singing together. Click here to read this article.

Côr Cochion’s final (maybe!) lockdown song (20th March)

Wendy Lewis from Côr Cochion, plus her sister Elaine and brother Frank on keyboard, have recorded another lockdown song, Bullies of the Town, based on an old fiddle tune. The words include the following: ‘Those bullies stay in power by repeating their big lies, but we have far more in common than that which can divide. And we will stand in unity and pride.’ I’m sure that we would all agree with these sentiments!

Also In Dark Times from Côr Gobaith (19th March)

On Friday 19th March, Côr Gobaith’s recording of Also in Dark Times was shown for the first time with words and music by members of the choir and images of them laughing, walking, running, paddling, singing and generally doing stuff that we all look forward to doing again together one day soon.

The video was made to celebrate Côr Gobaith’s 15th birthday (Penblwydd hapus, Côr Gobaith!) and to raise desperately needed funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians, so CCN members are invited to give generously at:

Dates for CCN open sessions (March/April 2021)

The next confirmed date for a CCN open session is Thursday 29th April. See the Upcoming Events page for more details.

Open Shuhada Street Campaign (24th Feb – 20th March 2021)

This is the 12th year of this annual event to call for an end to the restrictions in the city of Hebron: to reopen Hebron’s main street; to end segregation in Hebron; to end human rights violations; and to end the Israeli occupation. See the Upcoming Events page for more details and materials.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Feb 11th 2021)

The Network celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with an online session hosted by Sheffield Socialist Choir. The video below, created by the niece of one of the choir’s members, gives an insight into why young women are choosing to follow scientific careers.

CCN Nuclear Ban Burns’ Night celebrates historic UN Treaty! (Jan 22nd 2021)

Following the entry into force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on Friday 22nd January 2021, the Campaign Choirs Network celebrated with its Nuclear Ban Burns’ Night hosted by Protest in Harmony. Many of the songs from the event are featured on the Protest in Harmony website but we have selected the ICAN Can-Can for showcasing here with a special mention of total admiration for the brave souls filmed enthusiastically can-canning in the sea – hardy souls, the Scots!

Oxford’s Sea Green Singers have also recorded ‘One Nuclear Bomb Could Ruin Your Whole Day’ to celebrate the occasion reminding us that there is still a struggle to be waged against those nations that yet retain their nuclear arms. You can view and hear this performance here.

A Christmas carol from Penny (Dec 18th 2020)

Penny Stone has made a recording of the alternative version of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ (lyrics by Just Peace UK) illustrated by a short video featuring Palestinian wall art (see below). Please share this with others.

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