Who we are

Campaign Choirs is a network of street and community choirs. Our aim is to support each other, especially in local, national and international campaigns. We do this by alerting each other to protests, demonstrations and other events, including our own initiatives. We also share songs and information and can help co-ordinate shared actions. Typically, choirs campaign for social justice, environmental sustainability, non-violence and minority rights. However, we recognise that each choir in the network will have its own focuses and Campaign Choirs is inclusive, fostering diversity.  If you aren’t already on our list of participating choirs, do join us!


This website grew out of a workshop led by Lotte Reimer at the 2013 Street Choirs Festival in Aberystwyth in July 2013. So what better way to introduce it than with the description from the festival website:

Campaigning choirs joint actions in the year to come – let’s plan

We don’t often have the opportunity to get together and discuss our campaigns and the Street Choirs Festival seems such an obvious chance – not to be missed. Singing in London during the anti-cuts demonstration, organised by Raised Voices, was a powerful experience with various people conducting, sharing and learning songs and, as a big group, being a real presence. It builds solidarity and the more we can cooperate, the better. So, the idea with this get-together is to bring our campaigns to the fore and see how we can support each other and where we can link up in joint action. Bring your diaries, dates, causes and actions and let’s get planning!

Well, we did all that, and in just an hour we agreed to set up a rise-up email list (which Lotte has done) and this website, discussed how we’d share material and ideas, and how we’d categorise the campaigns, movements and demonstrations we want to support.

We also considered what we won’t do here. Basically, this is the place for sharing resources – if you want to discuss the issues, please do that elsewhere!

We’re still going several years later. But we need your support – and input. Frank’s energy and commitment set up this website – now Alan’s taken over. Let me know by emailing me at alan@campaignchoirs.org.uk what you’d like to see on the site, and if you’d like to contribute.

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