To Do

To Do

This is an old to-do list which we’re going to update soon.  But leaving it here focuses the mind.

A to-do list for this website.  Please let us know if you can help.

  • Get review comments from participants and potential ones
  • Get as many choirs as possible participating – ongoing.
  • Add blog posts (for news) and invite others to join in as post writers. Blog categories might include types of song and also ‘News’ and ‘Meetings’ for report-backs on events and appropriate notes or minutes.
  • General polishing of the site – ongoing
  • Add  links to relevant blog-posts about past events (written afterwards of course) – what songs were sung, what did and didn’t succeed, any problems and of course successes.
  • Add minutes of foundation meeting – maybe????  Maybe as a blog post?
  • Add a site map (recommended by webmaster tools)
  • Sort out why RSS feeds don’t work – it may be because there aren’t any posts or comments yet. (UPDATE: There are some posts and comments now – please contact us if you use RSS and have either success or problems).
  • Add twitter link / feed (to to web pages.
  • We need a logo for our website, twitter, leaflets (if we do any) and so on.
  • Add more variations on the contact form for specific purposes – song suggestions, events to sing at, etc.

In progress

  • n/a


  • Opened a account
  • Created some initial pages (Home, Upcoming Events, Participating Choirs, Songs, Join Us, Contact Us, About Us, Who we are, To Do)
  • Signed up for a domain name (  This is a forwarder for the time being, but do publicise it and not the version, which is probably not going to stay around for long.
  • Added Bolton Clarion Choir, Côr Gobaith, Kadenza, Picturehouse Choir, Raised Voices, RedGreen Singers, Red Leicester, SeaGreen Singers, Whitby Community Choir to Participating Choirs.
  • Checked (and corrected where necessary) broken links reported by Jenny – links on these pages: About, Contact Us, Home, Join Us, Origins, Participating Choirs, Songs, To Do (this page), Upcoming events, Who we are to point to URLs under
  • Checked and corrected  all navigation bar links to point to URLs under
  • Add to the list of events and other actions from the minutes of the Aberystwyth workshop
  • Removed ‘tips’ section from Upcoming Events page
  • Corrections (2013-07-31): Removed incorrect pay equality event info, modified email list options on Join us form.
  • Test import of whole site into a setup on a test server – all OK
  • Created email address
  • Created ‘Mainenance’ page and menu to use while offline
  • Action this suggestion from Jenny:

    I think the message about the riseup list should say: “If you would just like regular updates by email about Campaign Choirs events and new songs, please send a blank email to”. I think it should be near the top of the ‘Contact Us’ page.

    (adapted) Use radio buttons to choose whether to have reader or writer access to the mailing list

    Change Rise-Up tick-box to say “Campaign Choirs email list”

  • Migrated from to a hosted virtual server. Fairly straightforward – needed to re-assign menu, home page and banner picture. However the forms no longer work, so they’re replaced temporarily with an email address.
  • Added a search box – an easy one – it’s put there automatically by the wordpress theme!
  • Contact and Join forms working again.
  • Retired website – what’s there still works, but all links point to (or specific pages)
  • Added pages for Other Major Events Listings and Past Events (onto which Upcoming ones will eventually be transferred
  • Backup admin
  • Added the site to Google’s webmaster tools
  • Testing after moving off to our own hosting.
  • Give guidance on Join Us page so entries are kept short but relevant.
  • Added button to join-us form permit us to grab a small (100×100) picture from the choir’s website.
  • Fix ‘From’ line in auto-emails
  • WP update – less straightforward than I’d hoped, but easier than it could have been!
  • Added a test page with table for a list of songs
  • Added a page for links to ‘friendly’ singers’ and songwriters’ websites, courses, etc.
  • Enabled people to sign-up as subscribers to get notice of posts automatically.
  • Enabled comments for signed-in users.
  • Created twitter account @CampaignChoirs.
  • Removed ‘one contact per choir’ text from Join Us form.
  • Updated Events and Choirs menus to clarify navigation.
  • WP update to 3.8.1 (with corresponding plugins)

Decided not to:

  • Add an extra field to the join-us form for the choir’s general email address (if it has one) as well as the Campaign Choir Network contact’s own. Reason: This is something for the choir’s own website so its under their control.
  • Set up a classified songs index.  Research whether to do this as a wiki, through posts and tagging, using a product-catalogue plugin (which might allow for sortable lists, multiple categories and so on), or some other way. Reason: Just too many songs.  Instead, encourage choirs to put their songs (and special songsheets for specific events) on their own websites, as many already do.
  • Categorise events based on headings from Lotte.  Maybe these should be posts, but they’ll go in a running list for now. Reason: Doesn’t serve much purpose – dates and event descriptions should suffice.

Changes Sept 2016

  • New header and theme, incorporating logo agreed in June.
  • Minor editing changes including unified ‘Who we are’ page, broken links rectified, new email contacts added and blog facility added, together with Facebook feed in sidebar.



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