How do you classify songs?  What if they’re in overlapping categories?

We’ll make a start with these headings:

  • Anti-Cuts
  • Defend the NHS
  • Peace / Anti-War / Internationalist
  • Environment / Climate Change
  • Refugee / Asylum Support
  • Palestine Solidarity
  • Human rights
  • LGBT
  • Socialist

We agreed to incude just links to the songs on participating choir websites, rather than the songs themselves.  Some choirs may have a URL for each of their songs, which is great.  In Red Leicester, and probably other choirs, we have 2 pages (one password protected) on which all our songs are listed, generally with words, full score, and midi-files for each part.

Technical: This part of the website would benefit from being set up as a wiki so that reps from each choir can update their own bits.  However, although we’re all familiar with using wikipedia, setting up and managing a wiki is more complex than a blog, and we want a framework up and running quickly.  A refinement to add later. Please contact us if you can help with this.

Suitable for: A-Audience participation; B-Busking; M-Marching

Title Theme Link Suitable for Credits Notes
Billy Bragg’s Internationale Socialist Anthem Red Leicester version A B Billy Bragg A popular update of the socialist standard
We’re all in this together Anti-austerity Private B Words: Members and friends of Red Leicester Based on Eton Boating Song by Capt. A. Drummond
William Morris Socialist Red Leicester B ? Text based on quotes from WM’s works
TTIP songs Corporation power Raised Voices A B Raised Voices Songs adapted to TTIP protest
Title Theme Link Suitable for Credits Notes

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