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We’d like this section of the site to be more active.  Please contact us with the contact form or by email if you can contribute about an event you’ve been to, or some songs or thoughts  you want to share. (Click on the underlined heading to view the full blog entry)

  • ‘Singing for our lives’ now has a publisher
    We now have a publisher – HammerOn Press – for our book: ‘Singing for our lives: Stories from the street choirs’. As you know, it’s about street choirs in the UK as a social movement and is based on around 40 oral history interviews with street choir members from the far north to ‘the beautiful south’, ...
  • Progress on action points from our Leicester meeting, hooray!
    Website: Alan McDonald has volunteered to run our website and Frank has finally been able to hand over the responsibility. Massive thanks to Frank for starting it up and running (and funding) it for the past 3 years! And to Alan for taking it over! Changes are happening and before too long we’ll be set up ...
  • Red Pepper article on street choirs
    Red Pepper article on street choirs Raised voices: the campaigning choirs movement Lotte Reimer and Kelvin Mason report on the blossoming movement of radical street choirs February 2016 Apologies for the title, ours was ‘Campaign Choirs: Singing for our lives’ but that’s editors for you – Raised Voices, maybe it can act as a little advertising for you!
  • Stop Trident march London 27 February
    Campaign Choirs joined the demo – contact Penny Stone for songsheet – and, choir reps, check the email list for more details as they appear! It was the biggest anti-nuclear demo in a generation.
  • Support the Heathrow 13
    Support the Heathrow 13 – Wednesday 24 Feb, 9pm, Willesden Magistrates Court, London. Despite the backing of Caroline Lucas and John McDonnell, they were given suspended sentences.