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Let us know about your upcoming event, your ideas for choir participation in an event or any further details about planned events below so that we can provide publicity to other Network members.

7th – 21st October 2019

XR Peace Roadblock (Central London)

Message from Angie (XR Peace: xrpeace@gn.apc.org):I am contacting you as I am heading up XR Peace and want to try and make sure we have some choirs that will sing for the XR Peace Rebels during the Extinction Rebellion starting on 7th October and continuing for 2 weeks in central London. The choirs will be part of the social/arts/speakers/entertainment section of the blockade. Those of you
in London in April will know what a difference these made to the whole nonviolent blockade. Can you put the dates in your diary and consult with your choirs and let me know if you can be there to support us at some time?

2nd – 13th September 2019

Stop The Arms Fair (ExCeL Centre, London Docklands)

Stop the Arms Fair, formed in January 2011, is a network of groups and individuals campaigning to put a stop to arms fairs in the UK, and in particular DSEI – Defence and Security Equipment International, the largest arms fair in the world. Visit the Stop the Arms Fair website to find out more about planned events during the course of the Fair.

At the moment, there does not seem to be any co-ordinated Campaign Choirs assembly at this event although several people have indicated that they will be attending either as choirs or individuals. Details currently known to the CCN are as follows:

Strawberry Thieves: Strawberry Thieves will be there at some point – probably the Saturday or Sunday.

Sheffield Socialist Choir: A few of us from Sheffield Socialist choir will be at the Stop Arming Israel day on Monday 2nd September but not as a choir.

Raised Voices: Raised Voices will be singing outside the Fair on Saturday 7th September, details tba. In addition, some of us will be joining CND on Wednesday 4th September, details tba.

Leeds Commoners Choir: Leeds Commoners Choir are singing at Art The Arms Fair in London on Saturday 7th September, with a workshop also. Anyone who fancies coming along and joining us is welcome. We have a specially-written song for the event about the Ploughshares women who destroyed warplanes with hammers in the 1990s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs1Ah3eIo-8).

Sunday 18th August 2019

Peterloo Massacre Bicentenary 1819-2019: March for Democracy

March at 11.30 am from any of 10 locations around Manchester to a rally in Albert Square at 1.00 pm to commemorate those people killed and injured at the Peterloo Massacre on August 16th 1819. Some of Open Voice hope to be there with possibly other choirs.

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