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Let us know about your upcoming event, your ideas for choir participation in an event or any further details about planned events below so that we can provide publicity to other Network members.

7th – 21st October 2019

XR Peace Roadblock (Central London)

Message from Angie (XR Peace: xrpeace@gn.apc.org):I am heading up XR Peace and want to try and make sure we have some choirs that will sing for the XR Peace Rebels during the Extinction Rebellion starting on 7th October and continuing for 2 weeks in central London. The choirs will be part of the social/arts/speakers/entertainment section of the blockade. Those of you in London in April will know what a difference these made to the whole nonviolent blockade. Can you put the dates in your diary and consult with your choirs and let me know if you can be there to support us at some time?

The protest will take place on the Embankment between Horseguards Ave and Westminster Bridge near the Ministry of Defence. Some of Red and Green will be going at 10.30am and will be using Raised Voices’ songsheet from the XR April event. and the Action AWE Songbook (available below). More details of the protest and a flyer plus the Action AWE Songbook, and a new song (The Men from Eton words and music) written by Eleanor Hill are all available below.

29th September 2019

Tory Party Conference (Manchester)

The People’s Assembly is organising the National Demonstration, backed by the Stop The War Coalition and many unions, assembling at 12 noon at Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH.

Choirs should assemble to stand and sing outside the Hilton on Deansgate (nearest station is Deansgate) at around 12.30 pm.

Choirs currently intending to be there include:

East Lancs Clarion Choir

Sheffield Socialist Choir

Red Leicester Choir

Bolton Clarion Choir

You can download the songsheet, provided by Moira Hill of Bolton Clarion Choir, below.

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