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12 October Liverpool: National demo ‘against fascism – celebrating not dividing’

MarchAgainstFascismGuillotine11-13632-cUnite is organising this and will be joined by Unison, GMB, PCS, CWU, NUT, RMT, Trade Union Friends of Searchlight and the TUC.  Unite and some of the other organisations are arranging coaches from the regions.

Full details here. Speakers, etc. here.

Liverpool Socialist Singers say:

“We’re meeting at 12 near the monument at the top of William Brown Street, it should be easy to find us as we will all be wearing red and will have our banner with us. Everyone is welcome to sing out with us against fascism!

“William Brown Street is near Lime Street and Central stations, and the coach station. It is the street with the Walker Art Gallery and Central Library in it.

“We will be going with the flow and singing at the beginning and then probably near or at the end too.”

liverpool-so-singers-bannerYou can download and print the songsheet that Liverpool Soocialist Singers created for the day, and they will have some spares with them.  All good demo songs with catchy tunes and some with words adapted for the event.

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Peace Songs for Choirs from MAW for 2014

As the centenary of the start of WW1 approaches, Sue Gilmurray is producing a free resource of peace songs (7 her own, and 7 by others) for choirs for 2014.  Links to lyrics, scores and audio extracts are on the Movement for the Abolition of War homepage.

Sue says “I am a singer and songwriter.  Though between choirs right now, I sometimes sing with Raised Voices in London.  I am currently contacting as many community choirs as possible to tell you about a project, under the auspices of MAW, to provide a free resource of 14 songs for choirs for 2014

“As people mark  the centenary of WWI, we’d like to provide choirs with a variety of songs, some strongly anti-war, some simply pro-peace, that can help to nudge the events in a peaceful direction.

“I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, and especially if you feel you can make use of this resource [use the MAW contact form]. Please pass the word around!”